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      1. Question - What is BikeShopThreads?
      Answer - 

      2. Question - Can I get more/different apparel options than I see on the site right now?
      Can I get this item in different colors than I see available?
      Answer - We have the ability to add more apparel and color options but we like to start off with a basic apparel line with each new bike shop for 2 reasons:
                a. More isn't always better. We find that higher sales result in offering fewer apparel items. This is referred to as the paradox of choice. Studies show that more options debilitate consumer decision making. Consumers can have analysis paralysis (not knowing what to buy so they buy nothing) and also buyer's remorse (feel the purchase they made wasn't the best one).
                b. It takes a lot of work to put each bike shop's store together on We love supporting local bike shops and don't mind the work but we want to make sure we are a great fit for your shop in the beginning of our partnership. We like to think of the beginning of our partnership as Level 1. Once your shop shows steady sales and a commitment to promote your own online store you move up to Level 2. This is where your bike shop can ask for more specific items and colors from BikeShopThreads. It is something that is earned over time and not expected at the beginning.

      3. Question - Can I get wholesale pricing and order apparel for our instore purchases?
      Answer - Absolutely! We would love for you to purchase apparel items on for your store. Just let us know and we'll send you a promo code to use at checkout that will give you the wholesale pricing.

      4. Question - I already use a local print company and sell instore, why do we need BikeShopThreads?
      Answer - If you already use a local print company that you're happy with for instore sales that is great. You should stay with them. We're not looking to replace your local print shop. We want to give you another option to promote your shop and generate another revenue stream. This would be through online sales on

      5. Question - We already sell apparel online, why would we want to switch to the BikeShopThreads paltform?
      Answer - We can free up your shop employees to do what they do best, sell instore and help get customer's bikes fixed up and back out the door. It's a lot of work to fill and ship orders for a local bike shop. Leave it to us to take the burden off your hands. When you join the BikeShopThreads family you are also joining a platform that gets many more visitors than your shop's store would alone. Instead of selling apparel on an island by yourself you join a community of local bike shops all driving traffic to one site. This gives your online store the potential for many more customers.

      If you have any questions not answered here feel free to Contact Us.