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      BikeShopThreads User Agreement

      The Parties agree to the following:

      • The Client is in agreement with BikeShopThreads to use logos and designs that are agreed upon by both Parties for sale through
      • The Client is in agreement with BikeShopThreads to put a link on their website home page to their custom store. 
      • BikeShopThreads assumes the Client will take the time and effort necessary to promote the online store on a regular basis.
      • BikeShopThreads and the Client both agree that either one can back out of the agreement at anytime for any reason at no penalty to the other.

      Apparel, stickers, mugs and other available products through created platform are deemed “goods” and are agreed by both Parties of goods sold.
      1. Sale of Goods: BikeShopThreads agrees to create and manage sales channel for agreed upon products and will disburse funds regularly to the address provided. Agreement is a 50/50 split on all net profits of products sold.
      2. BikeShopThreads owns the designs created by BikeShopThreads for the Client and can only be used through unless there is an agreement for third party use of said designs.
      3. The Client represents that it has all copyrights, trademarks, titles, permissions and intellectual property rights to any design content brought to BikeShopThreads from the Client. The Client agrees that BikeShopThreads is not responsible for any penalties or legal action taken due to the sale of products with copyright or trademark infringements brought to BikeShopThreads from the Client due to negligence or misconduct.